Lorien is a diverse land. To the North are the Illiac Mountains, and insurmountable range. The elevation decreases to the South and West, ending in the Garian Sea. Off the coast are two major islands. The Southern Isle, Eileen a’ Ceedich, is home to a mysterious religious cult, and a powerful house of mages. Mysterious things are known to happen on the island, and few that venture there ever return. The Northern Isle, Euist, is much more hospitable. On its southern peninsula sits the small port of Candlemass. The island is divided almost in half by a mountain range, and a dense forest. Ownership of the island is split between the two city states of Carreck, to the East, and Corinth, to the West. Amongst the foothills of the Illiac mountains is the Great Forest of Lorien, once home to a powerful nation of elves. The lowlands also have forests, the two largest are the Forest of Tabi, and Ir’Kenbrolith, which rivals Lorien itself and takes up a good portion of the nation of Telatium.


The mainland is divided into two nations, Llanowar and Telatium. Llanowar is to the North West, and while it is larger than Telatium, in the South East, the two are matched for strength. This is due to their differing societies. Llanowar is comprised of many small farming communities. It’s military is volunteer only though that does not mean it is tiny. Most young men enlist at the ages of seventeen or eighteen. Many of them serve the standard term, those that don’t continue in the military as officers. Telatium’s military on the other hand, is significantly smaller. Their population is much less, instead of being spread out across the countryside the population is concentrated within cities and towns. The Telatium military is a largely conscript cervice. Lower caste soldiers are recruited at the age of 7. They are then trained till coming of age at 15. If they can survive the ensuing 15 years of service they are given the option of either returning to their lives in the slums of their cities, or continuing their military service. Surprisingly, most of them elect to return to the slums, where they spend the remainder of their lives serving local crime syndicates. As such, while Telatium’s army may be smaller, their superior training keeps them on par with Llanowar. Eileen a’ Ceedich, the southern isle, is so shrouded in mystery that an in depth look at the island is virtually impossible. What is known is that a variety of cults call the island home, often warring amongst themselves, or raiding the coastlines and infiltrating the cities of Llanowar and Telatium. The northern island, Euist, is a much more hospitable place. However, it is not always very safe. The two city states of Carreck and Corinth have been at war for domination of the island much longer than any can remember. While technically peace was never agreed upon, the war has been going through lulls in any actual fighting since it began. At times these “ceasefires” can even resemble true peace, that is until one of the cities decides to attempt conquest of the and they are both plunged back into war. While the actual fighting of battles may not be occuring, the two cities are never truly at peace. During the periodic lulls in combat, the states continue in a neverending cycle of shadow wars, employing the use of spies and assassins.


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