This sword once belonged to Nezrebe, Yeenoghu's favored exarch, untill he was slain by Oris Shroudedlight.

weapon (melee)

Winnower (standard; at-will) * Weapon

Reach 2; +32 vs. AC; 2d8 + 9 damage, and the target is marked untill the end of the user’s next turn.

This sword sports nicks and dings from many battles, but somehow it maintains a razor sharp blade as sharp as if it was newly forged. From its hilt hang a series of rotating charms, trophies of past battles that the previous owner had claimed from vanquished opponents.

Oris Shroudedlight owned this sword for a very short ammount of time. After he slew Nezrebe by carving out his spine in the Battle of the Shard, Oris took up this blade and used it as his own. Oris died at the Battle of the Shard, killed by Yeenoghu. He died in a last-ditch attemp to hold back the hordes of Yeenoghu so that Brom Smith could have a chance to destroy the Shard of Darkness.


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