Oris, Outcast of Pelor

"Tell me what I must do to save Kat, she is my friend and also my mentor. I am indebted to her."


One day in the wheat fields of a small farm near the village of Fieldan, a deva sprang to life. His only memories were of the sounds of battle, and a penetrating, all consuming, white light. He has been allowed to remain just outside the village, tilling his own small farm, though none of the townsfolk much care for him. Since his departure from that village Oris, Divine Avenger of Pelor, has experienced much. He has traveled with his friends from the start, often it was his conscience that steered them in the right direction. He has fallen dead upon the sands of a gladiatorial arena, and reborn he has gone with his friends unto Hell itself. He has come to know the meaning of friendship, and camaraderie. He has seen the light of friendship and love glow greater than even the blazing flash of Pelor himself. Oris has turned his back to his god, for the sake of his friends, an action of monumental implication, one that shall effect the entirety of his existence, forever.

— Oris met his end in the Battle of The Shard. To buy Brom time to reach Tharizdun, Oris challenged Yeenoghu alone. While he inflicted some major blows, Oris alone was no match for the demi-god and his hordes. Yeenoghu crushed the noble Avenger in his hand, and Oris the Deva was no more…

Oris, Outcast of Pelor

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