Chains of Fate Vol. II

Chapter 7

Outside the city the heroes regrouped. Kat was comatose after her close encounter with the Illithid, unfortunately in their escape Mr. Bigg had undergone a similar experience, and no one had been able to find Captain Jim. They had however gained a new companion, an enigmatic Shadar-Kai by the name of Nykyr. Nykyr stood on watch throughout the next night, during which their fire attracted a good deal of unwanted attention. At dawn they were attacked by slavers, in their weakened state they were unable to fend their assailants off, and were unfortunately captured. When they came to they were trapped within a coliseum. There they were forced to become gladiators. Roberts refused and was imprisoned. Z, Cailen, Oris, and Brom however, embraced their new role, fighting to one day defeat the champion, Cruxis, and gain their freedom. At the start of the Grand-Melee, Z attempted to incite a riot amongst the gladiators, however, due to Cruxis’s intervention, he failed and was imprisoned along with Roberts. Together the two of them were able to fight their way out, even finding Kat and Mr. Bigg in the infirmary. Oris was slain by Cruxis before Brom and Cailen could bring him down. Together the remainder of the party fled the coliseum, hiding in the rocks to the west. There they found a young dragon’s lair. They bargained with the dragon, who offered to heal their friends, Kat and Mr. Bigg, if the party would drive off the gnolls in the area that had been threatening the dragon’s territory. The Dragon healed Kat immediately as proof that he was capable of such magic, but he kept Mr. Bigg as collateral. In the area they found a large gnoll encampment, the makings of an army, with the aid of Kat, Z was able to set fire to the entire encampment, scattering the tribes to the winds, however, Zaiden, the gnoll priestess who had brought them together, summoned an aspect of Yeenoghu to gain retribution. The party was nearly slain, and would have been if not for the timely intervention of Excelsior and Shadowmere, they were able to buy Z enough time to teleport everyone to safety, after that harrowing encounter they returned to the dragon’s lair and recovered Mr. Bigg, they then set out to complete their journey through the desert…



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