Chains of Fate Vol. II

Chapter 19: Part One: The Battle of the Three Passes

There were three key mountain passes connecting Krios to Cavalonia. The first, in the west, was a narrow path, with a sheer cliff face to one side, and the sea far below to the other. It was there that Excelsior would lead the Lycans in their stand. To the west was a winding canyon pass, with sheer stone walls on either side. That was where Captain Jim and his men would hold back the enemy horde. Between the two was a wide, heavily wooded pass higher in the mountains. It was there that Roberts, Vantrag, and Kat would hold with the main host.

The heroes and their men fought nobly as the enemies came on. The disciplined Cavalonian infantry and newly minted militia soldiers held fast in the center pass, inspired by the sight of Roberts at their lead. They crushed the enemy’s advances and halted him dead in his tracks. Yet, as night fell the foe sent infiltrators slipping past the lines: Drow blademasters and assassins, who were eventually hunted down and either driven back or exterminated, but not before wreaking havoc, and leaving Roberts in no position to hold his position, especially with the word he had been receiving from the other passes.

To the west, the battle had gone well at the start. Excelsior’s ferocious lycanthropes met with shock troops from Straad, and dealt them grave blows. Yet the Lycans were rather few, and Straad had legion upon legion. Excelsior acquitted himself well, slaying many foes. Until finally he came upon a great warrior and general of Straad. A grisled minotaur veteran wielding a fearsome greatsword. The two met in epic battle, and in the end each died as they fell off the cliffs to their doom. Shortly after this, Excelsior’s lycans were routed, retreating en masse before the advancing hordes of Straad.

To the east, they had not fared much better. Jim and his men fought well and bravely against their foes, but again, Straad was simply too numerous to be defeated. When he heard of Excelsior’s demise, and Roberts being forced to retreat, Jim ordered that the main body of his remaining force retreat as well, to aid Roberts in further battle. Meanwhile, Jim and a few brave volunteers remained behind to buy them time.

Roberts met with the remnants of Jim’s force in the ancient woods of Dunmer Glen. There he decided to make one final stand, in an effort to hold the armies of Straad until the Cavaliers could arrive, and Brom hopefully destroy the Shard.

They didn’t even have time so much as to mourn for their dead, for they were soon set upon by the armies of Straad. The battle was dire and hard-fought. While Roberts’ men fought well, it was plain that they would soon perish, for the forces of Straad were simply too many.

Then at one point things took a turn for the better, when Jim and his rearguard arrived, striking through the enemy’s flank, and breaking the encirclement for a moment. But it was a short-lived victory, as once again they were quickly surrounded.

And that is when the shining Cavaliers arrived…



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